Tool management

Tool management

With just an Internet access and a connected tool cabinet and/or connected pre-setting device, c-com enables an efficient, collaborative tool management across company boundaries.

Module 5 - “Tool management 4.0” is the combination of the c-Com modules M1 to M4. Here all relevant information related to the machining process is considered in his entirety and combined. As such it is possible for example to generate dynamic recommended orders for the tools. This proposal is based on the changes, both in the production rate and in the tool consumption, as well as the delivery time for the tools and as such it makes possible optimal procurement. The regrinding status of the tools is also taken into account in the scheduling algorithm. Unnecessary orders for new tools as well as too high inventories are eliminated.

Thanks to the information captured through the „c-Connect“ box tool and process optimisations become faster and more efficient.

Product launches become also quicker and uncomplicated as tool and application data from the machine run-off are available in c-Com.

Mobile applications such as the Tool Manager app make all even easier and faster. The app makes possible the structured exchange of data in real time between customers and tool manufacturers with a significant improvement in the communication and quality of the data.

Tool management 4.0 combines all the advantages of the c-Com world in one module and in this way creates consistent, efficient collaborative tool management – across sites.

At a glance

  • Holistic
  • Efficient
  • Transparent
  • Collaborative
  • Easy