Setting parameters are today often manually transferred in the machines. Tools are first measured at the pre-setting device and the setting parameters are written or printed on a tool card which goes along with the tool in the manufacturing area. Here the machine operator is typing-in the tool data into the machine. This is of course not only time consuming but more importantly it is subject to wrong data entry which can result in broken tool or even worse in broken workpieces and/or machines.

The c-Connect Box is clipped on the machine and connected to it via the USB port. The pre-setting device and the c-Connect Box communicate via c-Com.

The data transfer process is remarkably simple: The pre-setting devices measures the tools and then automatically transfers the setting parameters to c-Com. From there, the c-Connect Box with a simple click transfers the data quickly and reliably to the machine. Wrong data entry are avoided and the entire process becomes way faster for an increased productivity. Another advantage of the c-Connect Box is the possibility to save data back in c-Com. Information such as the achieved tool life or the reason of the tool change can be entered in c-Connect and transferred to c-Com in real time. Based on this data comprehensive reports are generated in c-Com for tool and process optimizations

Cumbersome manual data transfer

Manual tool data transfer

  • Wrong data entry
  • Time consuming
  • Damaged tools, parts and/or machines

Digital data transfer with the c-Connect Box

Digital tool data transfer

  • Reduced effort
  • No manual entry
  • No wrong data entry
  • Data transfer in real time

Machine monitoring

Through the c-Connect Box it is also possible to monitor the operating status of the machine and to notify operators and other stakeholders about it. c-Connect has various sensors that check and measure for example the temperature or humidity as well as the status of the machine light. If a specific value is outside the defined tolerances or there is a malfunction, a push message is sent immediately to the operator‘s mobile device.