Regrinding management

Regrinding Management

Tools reconditioning represents a crucial factor to reduce tool costs in the manufacturing. However, the related handling and cumbersome processes generate a high administrative effort and consequently high costs.

Usually blunt tools are sent to a service provider for regrinding. The necessary related data, which only in few cases are available on the delivery note, must be manually transferred in the ERP system of the regrinder.. The tools are inspected,if necessary measured, and the results are again entered manually into the system. Only now is it possible to prepare the necessary documents to process the order, such as order confirmation or service notification. Considering the related revenues, all this is simply too much. The underlying problem is again the lack of a seamless data flow between the concerned business partners (customer, tool makers, service providers).

The regrinding software module of c-Com enables a plug-and-play digitisation of the incoming goods. How? Quickly and easily. A digital delivery note is generated, e.g. via a tablet, at the tool pick-up and the data are automatically transferred to c-Com. All the relevant documents, such as the order confirmation or service notification, are created with a simple click.

Tools of course still need to be checked and, if necessary, measured. Even this step is significantly easier and quicker thanks to c-Com. With the aid of a digital caliper connected to c-Com , the measurement results are automatically elaborated and the system evaluate whether the tool can be reground or additional actions need to be taken. In case of tools personalized through a DM or QR code, the history of the tools can be traced digitally. Simply scanning the code, c-Com indicates how often the tool has already been reground and whether further regrinding is possible.

In addition, customers and service providers have complete transparency at all times via the service portal. The status of all open orders, the delivery times and all documents such as delivery notes, order confirmations or invoices can be retrieved.

At a glance

  • Multiple data entry at the regrinder is no longer required
  • Absolute transparency for all stakeholder via the service portal
  • Fast, error free and cost-efficient