c-Com apps

Tool Manager app

With the native Tool Manager app, tool managers and sales representatives can draft reports about tests or tool issues quickly and easily and share them in real time with the concerned people, for example the product manager or the development engineer. Pictures, videos and other different files can be attached and transferred for a comprehensive analysis and report. Trouble shooting and optimizations become in this way extremely fast and efficient.

At a glance

  • Simplified, standardised issue capturing and tracking
  • Mobile identification of single tools
  • Reports and attachments in digital form
  • Reduced administrative effort
  • In dieser Form bisher nicht mögliche Qualitäts- und Werkzeugüberwachung

Tool Tag app

Despite all digitizations, tool cards are still used in the manufacturing. Setting parameters and other data such as the target tool life are noted on the cards. After the tool is pulled-out from the machine, the operator enters the achieved tool life, the machine and spindle as well as the reason for the pull-out on the card manually. The tool goes back to the setting room where the card should be evaluated.

Unfortunately in the majority of the cases these cards are not considered at all: the effort to transfer the data into any kind of database and to evaluate them is simply too high and nobody has time to do it. And in the rare cases it is done, only the data from certain tools, for instance the broken ones, are transferred. Valuable information from of all other tools, such as tool life deviations, get lost.

The „Tool Tag app“ (iOS and Android), digitizes the tool card. If necessary, pictures of the tool and/or workpiece can be added. The information of every tool is available in real time at any time to all stakeholder, whether in the pre-setting area or in the production.

As such it is possible to obtain valuable insights for tool and process optimisa- tions as well as maintenance.For example seeing that a tool mainly brakes on a specific machine or even spindle is an indicator that the machine has most likely a problem and needs to be inspectioned.

At a glance

  • Process optimisation due to tool performance monitoring
  • Indirect information about machine condition and performance
  • Improved data quality and transparency

Tool Organizer app

Large serialized tools are difficult to capture using a stationary scanner. Therefore tracing these tools on the shop floor is tedious. With the native Tool Organizer App for Android tools are handled and tracked easily. Starting with an overview of used or blunt tools in production, the user picks up the right replacements. On the machine tools are registered and when pulled from the machine performance metrics such as tool life and withdrawal reason are recorded. Finally, the app supports to create refurbishment deliveries for your regrinding partners.

At a glance

  • Show used and blunt tools on the shop floor
  • Register tool movements on the shop floor
  • Record tool performance directly at the machine
  • Create delivery receipts for your refurbishment partners