Modules on the c-Com platform

Currently, five modules are available on the c-Com platform: The „Application database“ enables customers and suppliers to share application and tool data. The “Regrinding management” makes the handling of reconditioned tools easy, quick and transparent. With the „c-Connect“ module tool measurement data are automatically transferred to the machine (without RFID chip). Tool life data are saved back in c-Com. A plug-and-play machine monitoring (MDE) is possible as well. „Machine Run-Off“ enables an effective and central administration of project-related data. And with „Tool management 4.0“, an efficient, collaborative tool management across company boundaries is possible.

The only requirement to work with c-Com is an Internet connection. Other interfaces are in a first step not necessary. Many functionalities can be used without any specific and expensive HW . The degree to which the modules are integrated to existing IT solutions is decided by the user. Different connectivity levels can be selected for each module.

Is a simple Internet connection enough? What about connecting c-Com with the user‘s ERP or SAP system? Shall devices, such as dispensing systems, be connected to c-Com as well?

The authorisation concept is as individual as the connectivity. The customer defines who can access which data, who can change the data and which data are only allowed to be viewed or changed internally by authorized employees.

A high degree of data security is ensured not only by these means. To save the data in the cloud, c-Com uses the SAP security network. The data are saved on SAP‘s servers and therefore protected by the highest security standards.

At a glance

  • Without prerequisites and ready to be implemented with no investments
  • Connectivity can be selected individually
  • Access rules and rights defined by the customer
  • Highest data security through the SAP infrastructure

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