Cloud platform for efficiency through transparency

For an easier, quicker and more efficient working

c-Com is a cloud solution that opens up the path to a completely new, fully digital form of tool management and collaborative commerce. c-Com was developed based on SAP Cloud Platform in close co-operation with SAP.

c-Com connects all stakeholders such as suppliers, manufacturers or service providers on a common platform. All information and data are only entered once, regardless of the number of users. The basic concept is quite simple: data are shared automatically, replications are avoided and efficiency is increased. The whole eco-system surrounding the actual machining process becomes transparent. The seamless data flow without media discontinuities ensures that the latest data are available in real time across sites to all stakeholders of course based on defined rules and access rights.


  • Elimination of redundant structures
  • Reduced administrative effort
  • Increased transparency along the added-value chain
  • Cross-functional/company technology database

c-Com - the intelligent link

With c-Com it is possible to identify the most efficient technology, to reduce the number of tools and suppliers, to bundle orders and generally to lower costs. Tool changes, whether technical or commercial, are automatically updated on the platform. In this way, everyone works with the latest data at all times without any administrative effort.

The data are optimally protected, after all c-Com uses the technologies and the high security standards of the SAP infrastructure.

c-Com enables the complete life cycle management of tools

  • Up-to-date data
    c-Com is cloud-based and standardised. Information is available to all stakeholders and is always consistent and up-to-date.
  • More transparency
    c-Com provides reporting for example on inventories, tool consumption and tool costs per machined part. c-Com also makes possible cross-site comparisons of costs and technology allowing, if desired, company standardisation.
  • Saving costs
    c-Com reduces the procurement and administrative effort because multiple data entry and redundant structures are no longer necessary. Processes are simplified.
  • Becoming faster
    Due to the constant availability of data, decisions and actions become easier and faster.

Data security

Great importance is placed on data security at c-Com

c-Com is based on SAP Cloud Platform and data are only stored in European data centres. The data centres are certified by different entities according to internal global standards, for instance ISO 27001, ISAE-3402 or SSAE-16.

In addition, c-Com applications are continuously audited and checked automatically on a daily basis. Regular security checks and stress tests guarantee the very high availability of the applications, reduce the risk of downtimes and, in combination with a comprehensive rights and roles concept, protect all data against unauthorised access. In this way potential threats and scenarios for attacks against c-Com can be detected at an early stage establishing the necessary countermeasures.

Personal data are especially protected and stored in German data centres and strictly separated from all other data.

Details on data and user security are summarised in the security white paper available on the web site