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Experience the efficiency of C-parts management

Clearer administration, more effective procurement

The Cloud platform c-Com allows the complete Life-Cycle-Management of C-parts and offers you many advantages:

  • Save costs
  • More transparency
  • Current data

c-Com reduces the procurement and administration effort, as repeated data recording and redundant structuring is eliminated, allowing the optimisation of the purchasing process.

c-Com delivers reporting for stock levels, consumption and tool reconditioning. Alongside this c-Com makes cross-locational price comparisons possible.

c-Com is cloud based. Duplicated data records don’t exist. Information is available for all users and is always at the latest, uniform level.

Is your ordering and tool data management up-to-date?

Actual C-part management – complicated and expensive

Today the effort involved in the management and procurement of C-parts opposed to A and B-parts amounts to 90% – although they only represent 10% of the actual procurement costs. For data management and purchasing processes a highly administrative and therefore costly procedure.

Procurement effort

Purchasing volume

Because for every C-part, for example a tool, there is a lot of information, such as master-, process- or inventory data. The management of badly integrated isolated solutions (CAD/CAM- or MES Manufacturing Execution Systems) is accordingly complicated to organise. When combined with suppliers systems the effort required is even greater.

Tool data management today


Disadvantages today:

  • Multiple, often varying/redundant systems with individual pools of data
  • Repeated data recording necessary
  • Slow, complex and expensive

Efficient C-Part management with c-Com – Quick and cost effective

c-Com reduces the highly administrate and expensive effort involved in data management and procurement of C-parts to a minimum – and without the disadvantages of conventional solutions.

c-Com – The Cloud platform for efficiency through transparency

c-Com is a Cloud solution, based upon the proven SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which MAPAL has developed in close collaboration with SAP and will develop further.

On this platform companies, their customers and suppliers can collectively share and maintain all of their tool data in accordance to clearly defined regulations and authorisation rights.

Hereby the path will be paved for the completely new, fully digitised tool or tool data management and to Collaborative Commerce.

Tool data management with c-Com


A single cloud based platform, company-wide. Also for external users. Data is only recorded once and can be called up afterward by any user (depending upon authorisation).

Your advantages:

  • Simplified access
  • More transparency
  • Always up-to-date information
  • Lower costs

Data can only be entered onto the platform once, irrelevant of the number of users. c-Com considers the implementation of Industry 4.0 one step further and manages data not just in one location, but company-wide. Simultaneously c-Com makes all data records continuously available to all users, at any location (depending upon authorisation). The platform can be accessed easily by app or browser.

How you also profit from c-Com

c-Com allows for the complete C-part management with access to material inventory and consumption data. Also tool information (for example, reconditioning) can be called up. As each data record only exists once, all information is continually at the latest level – through the sharing of data, tool management becomes immediately more efficient and quicker.

With a transparency unavailable until now, it is possible for example to simultaneously compare technical solution implemented within a company throughout the entire company, for instance tool or machining parameters used to produce identical components in different locations. Also it is possible to carry out company-wide cost comparisons quickly and easily.
A further plus point: You can harmonise and optimise stock quantity and procurement strategies, resulting in significant cost savings.

The company-wide comparison possibilities also allow you to achieve standardisation and benchmarking strategies for the increasing of both productivity and efficiency, as a higher competitiveness and profitability is reached- all through the comprehensive availability of tool data.

The liaison between purchasing and production as well as between purchasing and suppliers is also extremely simplified and accelerated through c-Com and the uniform data base. Parallel to this it is made possible for your suppliers to offer you targeted new services.

As a side effect of the uniform data base, mail correspondence between the various users is reduced, as the singular data entry makes structured and stringent communication processes or document exchange possible.

The functionality of c-Com will be continuously expanded upon. So shortly machine management will follow. With the linked machine data, it is possible to for example, to establish sources of error faster, while the consumption data allows cost saving process optimisation to be carried out.

The introduction of the c-Com P2P-procurement module is about to commence. This will make company-wide purchasing optimisation possible. Through punctual order suggestions costly capital tie-up caused by unnecessary stock levels is avoided. As only one data set is required per order, which all users have access to, the highly administrative and expensive effort for the purchasing department is reduced.

c-Com doesn´t only fulfil the criteria for industry 4.0 regarding data availability and exchange, it goes a giant step further with the interactive possibilities between multiple locations and external users, up to the fully digitised machining industry of the future.

Also make your company more efficient!

Call us or send us a completed contact formula. We will gladly inform you as to how you can profit from C-part management with c-Com.

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Practical example

Here are a few examples how with c-Com the departmental- and company-wide daily work routine can be lightened:

Purchasing optimisation with c-Com
Process optimisation with c-Com
Regrinding management with c-Com



We’re a young start-up in the growth sector Industry 4.0.

Our core product c-Com is a cloud-based platform that allows companies to collaborate with one another more easily than ever before. It is based on the SAP Cloud Platform and utilizes in-memory computing, the prerelease iOS SDK, and IoT/machine APIs, among other things.

It is being continuously advanced using agile development techniques for our well-known, international clients from the automotive and aerospace industries as well as mechanical engineering. This is how we are charting today a course toward the fully digitalized industry of the future.


Here at c-Com, you’ll work as part of a friendly, international team on the further development of IoT and Industry 4.0. You’ll be entering uncharted territory, and can advance your own personal development with every step.

Our open corporate culture, flat hierarchies, and short chain of command (which allows decisions to be made quickly) allow new ideas to grow and give you the freedom to work independently on your projects.

You’ll also benefit from attractive terms and personalized advanced training opportunities.
Interested? You’ll find our job listings here.

Matti Maier will answer any questions you may have – simply send him an e-mail:

We look forward to receiving your application!

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About c-Com


Our young start-up c-Com GmbH is a subsidiary of the globally active MAPAL Group. The search for a solution that simplifies c-parts management as well as the collaboration between companies, suppliers, and clients led to the creation of the cloud platform c-Com.

It brings together all of a company’s process, master, and inventory data and makes all of the company’s processes related to c-parts management transparent. As a result, c-Com cuts time, effort, and costs to an absolute minimum for all those involved, while simultaneously making foresighted, company-wide planning and collaboration across companies possible.

The positive feedback regarding the platform and its benefits led to the founding of c-Com GmbH in early 2017. Today we are working on tapping the full potential of our groundbreaking Industry 4.0 application to the benefit of our customers and continuously making new, practical applications available.

Why not EAI-software or purchasing platform?

EAI-Software (Enterprise Application Integration) can also connect systems and enter data in a centralised databank, but generally these solutions tend to be very complicated. The installation is complicated and time consuming, additionally there is the danger of the Vendor Lock-in Effects. Through its focusing upon manufacturing processes these systems are not or limitedly suitable for purchasing purposes.

The combining of purchasing platforms has also not proven successful, as these are unsuited for the procurement of special tools. Additionally these systems are just integrated into the ERP-System and no other IT-Systems. Data must be painstaking entered by both the customer and the supplier.

c-Com doesn’t know these disadvantages

Can a good idea get even better? Yes it can!

The functionality of c-Com will be continuously expanded upon. Also the next steps are planned to make the work for your company simpler and more efficient. The further development steps will be implemented in short- and medium term phases.

Our development partners

Our project partners